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Quality Procedures

We practice various quality procedures during the various stages of deployment of security personnel right from the stage of recruiting the personnel to the stage of controlling them. 



Selection of Security Personnel:


Following criteria is being kept for the selection of guards.

  •  Minimum Education Matriculation

  •  Height 5' 7" tall

  •  Smart, Well built and intelligent.

  •  Will be able to read and write English and Hindi   

  •  Medically fit with normal eyesight

  • Security personnel will be intelligent, loyal, honest and well disciplined and will have proper turnout at all times.

  •  No security guards will be a drug / alcohol addicted.


Although Police verification is carried out of the Security personnel being recruited, our verification team also verifies the same, after visiting their residence.


Submission of Documents:

The following documents are submitted by the Security personnel on enrolment:

  •   Original school Leaving Certificate

  •   Original School / Attested Copy of Character Certificate

  •   Two colour photographs

  •  Original Experience Certificate if any

  •  Original Medical Certificate

  •  Original or Attested Services Discharge Book in case of Ex-Service Men

  •  Original or Attested Armed License in cased of recruitment as Gunman

 Training :


      14 days training program is followed including

     2 days of specialized customer segment-wise training (separately for

     Corporate/ Hospitality/Industry/Residential segments)


Indoor Training:

  • The training curriculum includes

  •  Duties of Security Personnel

  • Do's & Don'ts of Security Personnel

  • Patrolling Duties

  • Gate Management including Control & DOCUMENTATION  for all incoming/outgoing Material/personnel/vehicles.

  •  Security of Parking Areas

  •  Fire Fighting Drills

  • First Aid

  •  Familiarization with Electronic Security Equipments

  • Physical Fitness

  • Turnout Drills

  •  Evacuation Drills

  •  Frisking Methods

  • Etiquettes and Manners, Body Language etc.

Out Door Training Includes:

  • PT, Jogging and Toughening exercises

  • Drill & Posture

  • Fire Fighting Demonstration / Practice

  • Procedure & Drill to Extinguish Fire

  • Practical Handling of fire Extinguishers

  • Practical on First Aid Measures

  • Practical Handling of Telephone/Intercoms and Radio sets


On the Job Training:

Apart from the basic training imparted to the Security personnel, we ensure that on the job training is also carried out wherein the focus is on the specific duties of the personnel deployed at various posts. This is done in coordination with the client and is supervised by our Training Officer and Operational Officers. 


Performance standards are:


  • Appearance and Uniforms: All Security Guards/ Supervisors are well turned out in impressive uniform, well motivated, well disciplined with good bearings. 

  •  Training and Testing: All Security Guards / Supervisors are required to undergo a test before posting to a Unit.

  •  Regular Testing on SOPs at respective units

  •  Refresher Training after 6 months


At the time of deploying the following points are covered:

  • Acclimatization about client facility

  • Unit taking over procedure

  • Post wise instructions

  • Operation manual is prepared

  • Record keeping system (Registers)

  • Checklist (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


Facility Monitoring:

A team of Tiger Force experts would be deployed at the facility initially for 15 days for systemizing/consolidating/stabilizing of the unit. This team will intensively monitor the security systems at the said facility by

  • Regular Briefing
  • On the Job Training under Training Officer/Supervisors
  • Mid Course Corrections
  • Regular update to client / Revise Instruction from client
  • Solve operational/administrative problems

Day Supervision:

The client location will be visited by the Area Officer at least 4 times a week. The officer concerned will sign in the Daily Muster Book and Unit Visit Register kept at the location.

Night Check:

Each location is checked by the Area Officer at least thrice a week at a varied time schedule to maintain the surprise element. To instill alertness in the minds of the security guards deployed at night, the check is carried out even twice at various occasions.

Detailed Daily Briefing/Deploying:

All Security Personnel are briefed about their duties for 15 minutes before deployment by the Security Supervisor. They are again debriefed for 15 minutes after the duty to review problems / incidents with a view to obviate them.

  • Visited by Senior Staff
  • Weekly by Area Officer
  • Fortnightly by Manager Operation
  • Monthly by Other Senior Officer

Control Mechanism:

A 24 hours Control Room is functional to control and monitor all activities of the day and night operation. All Area Officers /Area Managers are provided with mobiles phones and are in touch with the control room.

The security posts are provided with the residential telephone/Mobile Numbers of the managers and office staff to contact at any time in case of any emergency.

Reports to be submitted: - Reports of activities carried out by our security staff will be initiated and the same will be sent to Client from time to time. These will include the following:

  • Important occurrences having a bearing on security.
  • Vigilance report covering any union activity/other confidential matters.
  • State of Fire Equipment
  • Turn over of staff
  • Customer Feed Back Form
  • Any other important information desired by the client.
  • Measures to improve Security, if any.

Registers to be maintained at client location:

The following records are recommended to be maintained:

  • Visitors Registers
  • Occurrence Register
  • Duty Register
  • Key Register
  • Material In / Out Register
  • Identity Card Record Register
  • Important Instruction Register
  • Contractors visit Register
  • Returnable Register
  • Important Telephone Numbers Register


Our security personnel will act as eyes and ears of the client and shall keep your organization well informed of various activities including any unrest, labour problems, pilferage etc.

Post Instructions:

These will be written for each of the posts, laying down specific duties of each security personnel.


Regular supervision of the security services at your location will be carried out including night checks by our operational staff. Senior staff will also be visiting your location regularly (at least once a week).

Occurrence / Incident Report:

An occurrence book will be kept at your location to record all the important incidents.

Emergency Response:

In case of emergency the following action will be carried out.

  • Visit sites within one hour on report of incident.
  • Assist in reporting to Police wherever required.
  • Co-ordinate with fire brigade immediate report of incident to client.

Liaison with Police and Civil Authorities:

Regular liaison with Police and Civil Authorities is maintained by us. All possible assistance will be given to your company including lodging of FIR, follow up etc. We will act in the spirit of teammates with you.

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